Frequently asked questions

First, you will need to fly to Bandar Lampung in Southern Sumatra, Lampung Province. From there we offer a transfer service (1,200,000 IDR, one way, max 4 persons). The trip takes approximately 5 to 6 hours depending on weather and the time of day/night.

You can use the Booking Enquiry Form on our website.

Or contact us directly by phone on +6285377802212.

At the local wave most people wear booties as there is a lot of coral that becomes exposed at low tide. There is a channel to paddle in and out of if you don’t like wearing them.

Yes, there are several places where you can repair your board if you need to. The closest and original is Ding Repair run by Nanung. There are also some very basic surf shops but they do not have much in stock. It is best to bring extra leg-ropes, fins, booties, surfwax  etc

Bring all your surf gear, booties, snorkel and mask, fishing gear, camera, your favorite movies or books, long pants and shirt (for wearing after dark), hiking shoes and a good first aid kit.

Fortunately this area is largely malaria free. However, as a precaution and for your comfort we offer you mosquito nets in your room and recommend that you cover-up / wear repellent after dark and follow your doctor’s advice.

You won’t be bored! You can go snorkeling, blue marlin fishing, shopping at local markets, cool off under waterfalls and wildlife spotting in the beautiful Lampung National Park.

Fransiska is a trained nurse with 6 year practical experience and can assist you with minor medical concerns but make sure you have a good first aid kit. While there are good doctors in the area, the local hospitals are basic and medicines can be in short supply – so we highly recommend that you take out traveler’s insurance so that you can be taken to a good hospital in the event of an emergency.

Most people bring enough cash for their stay. However, if you need more money there is a ATM at Lovina Krui Surf  There are no official money changers in the area, but if possible we will change a small amount of cash into rupiah for you and now we already have EDC Machine that accepts Master Card and Visa as well but charge 3% every transaction.

We have free WiFi. You can also use your own mobile phone on global roaming (expensive) or we recommend that you purchase a local SIM card and number which is very affordable.

The local people are mostly friendly and interested to meet you. Tourism is still a pretty new phenomenon and you generally won’t be exposed to the hassling or begging that you might experience in Bali.

While we are a Christian couple, it is a largely Muslim area and people are conservative. We recommend wearing modest dress when visiting nearby towns or public spaces.

Waterfall Lampung province South Sumatra
Waterfall Lampung National Park
Lake Ranau Lampung South Sumatra Indonesia
Lake Ranau